Date:  Tuesday, 7.29.14  - Closed

*7/29/14: 7.29.14: Closed - Thank you to all the GGB fans that have sent messages with updates. It sounds like they'll be closed for another few weeks.  

We also received a message from a fan, which may mean the bakery could be closed for an extended period: "A kind Yelp reviewer mentioned this: 'For those who is wondering why this place is always on vacation is because the owner of the store and his wife both got sick. That's why they both decided to go travel the world instead of making egg tarts. (How do I know this? My mom ask the boss and the boss told her)' I wish the owners health will improve as they enjoy their well-deserved vacations!!!" 

We also wish the owners a wonderful vacation and good health! Please let us know if you hear that they've reopened so that we can share the good news.

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Thank you in advance! 


Ever wish you knew when the Golden Gate Bakery was going to be open? Well, good news - you can check online here!

Famous for their buttery, flaky and creamy egg custard tarts (oh, I wish I could have one right now!), the Golden Gate Bakery too, has their vacation days.  Rest assured that we'll do the work to help make it easier for you to check their open status online.

Golden Gate Bakery
1029 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
415-781-2627 , Hours: 8am-8pm

*** If you've already visited the Golden Gate Bakery and know if they're open or closed, please post on our FB page and/or tweet us to share the love! Thank you :)